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About Us

About Chindwin-PSB


Chindwin-PSB Institute was founded in 2016 in a joint venture between Chindwin College Myanmar and Singapore Star Education under which PSB Academy is helmed. Chindwin College Myanmar is one of the top leading education service providers in Myanmar with over 40 years of establishment. PSB Academy is widely reputed as one of the top schools in Singapore having delivered education services with over 50 years of establishment.

Chindwin-PSB Institute is also a partner of the University of Portsmouth, ranked among the top 21 universities in the UK, according to the Guardian University Guide 2020. The university has also earned a gold rating under the UK government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

At Chindwin-PSB, we are committed to delivering top quality and accessible education for everyone. The curricula is specially designed with our partners premised on building a strong foundation for our industry-ready graduates. In addition, the institute takes pride and care in providing students with an all-encompassing environment on campus for conducive learning, student development and growth, student support services, and facilities for non-curricular activities.


Our vision is to become the leading trusted service provider of top quality higher-learning education in Myanmar providing locally- and internationally-recognised programmes with excellent delivery.


Our mission is to empower students with acquiring the requisite skills and knowledge needed for independent and lifelong learning, life development, and employment, by offering opportunities to pursue a desired choice of programmes and courses accredited and recognised by both local and international academic institutions and bodies.